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waltz with balshir

Im not really sure what exactly about this movie we are supposed to write about. However since the main character Ari has lost his memory regarding pretty much all of the Lebanese war it is obvious that he must be suffering from one of Paul Connertons` seven types of forgetting. The character fought in a war which makes the fact that he has forgotten memories not that surprising. Many survivors and veterans from wars suffer some type of amnesia either due to the horrors they saw, a feeling of guilt or any other feeling they could develop due to such aa traumatic experience. Ari probably suffered from either type 4, structural amnesia, or type 7, forgetting as humiliating silence, or maybe both. Ari didn’t need to remember what he did during the war in order to live his life afterwards, in fact the memories of what he did might have made it hard to live a normal life afterwards so he developed structural amnesia. By blocking out his memories of the war and only remembering what was “socially important”, Ari made it possible for himself to live a normal life. Ari could have also been ashamed of his actions and developed forgetting as humiliated silence in order to forget his actions and how much he regretted them. Many other soldiers and probably many of the citizens probaly also developed this in order to block out atrocities like the camp massacres that were carried out during the war. This type of forgetting often “manifests in a widespread pattern of behavior in civil society, and it is covert, unmarked and unacknowledged”

friend at resturant

To arrange to meet a friend at a restaurant you must remember alot more things then most of us realize. First you have to remember your friends name. Then you have to remember where your phone is so you can call them. Then you have to remember their phone number or under what name in contacts they are. Then when you call them you have to remember and to talk and form sentences. When your talking you have to remember when your available to meet up and compare it with when their available. Then you have to remember what foods you both like to eat and remember restaurants that serve that food. After you arranged the meeting you then have to remember when where and who your meeting up with so that you make it to the restaurant to see your friend.

1) He chooses to be very detailed in describing people and places. He  describes what each person he encountered was like and he also took care to describe the towns that the trrain passed through. Also he describes the girl colette in alot of detail and talks about all the things he remembers about her and how he felt about it.

2) im guess he uses artistic language because he tries to give you as much detail as possible in order for you to be able to picture it in your mind and travel through his memory with him

3)on page 58 when he asks himself the questions “Was he asleep? Was he there at all?” he shows meta awerness


when a ringtone song is recontextualized it means ur taking the song and attaching it to ur phone in order to reveal something about urself to the people who hear it or you are connecting it to a memory u have that when it rings it will remind u of


mnemonic trigger- a mnemonic trigger is anything that causes you to recall a memory

nostalgia- a longing for something far away or long ago or for former happy circumstances

recontextualize –  to place something in a different context for the purpose of interpretation or analaysis

associative memory-  memories that we connectect together and that can be recalled by remembering a seperate memory which will cause you to think of a seperate memory

memoire involuntaire- French for involuntary memory- memories that we recall or remember with no thought to remember them, they simply reappear in our minds.   such as Proust and his madeleines

musical madeline

The writers thesis for this article was that a person ringtone and cellphone can reveal alot about them. The ringtone can reveal what type of music we like how we feel about a person and also to what clic we belong to. THe ringtone also has the ability to cause the hearers to recall memories involving that song.

Listening to my ringtone all youll hear is the normal beeping sound all cellphones come with. Ive never bothered putting ringtones onto my phone and id probaly need a while to even figure out how to do it. Besides figuring out 1 song that a person likes or has a memory of i dont really think a ringtone can reveal alot about a person. I have some friends that have a different ringtone for different people the song is normally an inside thing that someone hearing it or observing would be unable to connect with the collective memory that sound brings to the owner. Therefor i dont think that a ringtone can be used to identify a person or reveal anything about them but rather it is a way for the indivual to identify and remind themselves to themselves.


This halloween i locked myself in my parents bedroom which is the top floor of the house in order to study for a midterm i had on monday. My sister and her friends still go trick or treating so i had about a dozen elementry and middle schoolers running around my house. Theyre parents were also over so downstairs was basicly a party. This left the upstairs the only place for me to be alone and study in semi peace. So as always i spent most of the hours there procrastinating instead of studying. I read some comics, watched some tv, watched the rocky horror picture show and scary movies 2 and 3, played some cod and so on.

I think i can recall this memory because its really recent since it happened like 2 days ago. Since its so recent im pretty sure its accurate since i havent had enough time to continuously recall it and accidently change what really happened. As for evidence it happened i could tell u what happened in the movies or in the comic and the people in the party can back me up and say i was upstairs like 99% of the day i only came down to grab a slice of pizza when it arrived. I dont think the memory holds any special meaning for me i remembered it because of this assignment and i remember it pretty clearly except what tv shows i watched. I told some of my friends that i had watched the movies because the fucking time warp song from rocky horror is tuck in my head.

Memory is always changing and malleble. The CPEB is always changing because like our memorys it is malleble. Everytime we remember the memory it gets affected and changed with memories of what has gone on in our lives since then. Also the experience that made you recall said memory can affect it and change it to suit your situation. Since memory is always changing it cant be trusted and therefore is a lie.

silk road

I remember that they silk road skirts a desert and there are seperate routes one along the northern edge and one along the southern edge. The silk road consisted of oasis hopping across the desert trading and each person only traveled back and forth along part of the road instead of the whole thing. I also remember that the chinese had crappy horses. The reason i think I remember this is that I read alot of westerns and in the westerns travel through the desert is the same way with knowing the location of watering holes being the difference between life and death. In westerns a mans horse is also essential so that fact that the chinese had bad horses stuck with me.
I also remember that the silk road fell out of use due to becoming unsafe due to warring tribes. Due to this sea routes became more used and the silk road was barely traveled. When Marco Polo arrived in China it was under Mongol rule. The Mongols under Genhis Khan had united China and the warring tribes and made the silk road safe again. This allowed Marco Polo to safely travel the silk road. I remebered this since Genghiz Khan and Marco Polo were involved

essay draft thing

History is “the life of memory” and a “historian`s function is to be a ‘remembrancer’, the custodian of the memory of public events which are put down in writing for the benefit of the actors, to give them fame, and also for the benefit of posterity, to learn from their example.”1 Historians and our textbooks have always found certain parts of the past more interesting or important then others. This is based on the point of view of the historian; the historians race, country, religion and of course whether they were on the winning or losing side all effect how they record history for posterity.
Maurice Halbwach the French sociologist said that “memories are constructed by social groups which determine what is ‘memorable’ and how it will be remembered”. The individual identifies with events important to their group. This allows the individual to remember events or parts of events that they were not part of.
While one of the the most common sources of history is written records such as memoirs and textbooks, there are many other media used to record history. Oral history has been around since the beginning of language. Before written records were started or writing was even invented people past down history by word of mouth for hundreds of years. Images such as photos, videos, paintings and other works of art are important records of history as well. Art has been used to preserve history since prehistoric times and is still a very important historical tool today. Whether it be the crude cave drawing of a wooly mammoth, a Picasso painting, an old black and white photo from the civil war or a video on the war in Iraq art brings history to life and allows the observer to immerse themselves in history. Even memorials while they might not show exactly what they represent remind us of a person or event from history.
Rituals are another way memories are past on and remembered. Memorial Day and the 4th of July are just two examples of rituals of ‘commemoration’ that we celebrate and remember here in America. Another day that we will pass on to future generations is 9/11 which will be less a day of celebration but one of remembrance. While it probably has never occurred to you space is another media used in the transmission of memories.


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